Preparing to Move


Preparing to move is not an easy task.  I thought when we bought our first house and did everything we did to move into it was a job, but let me tell you preparing to sell a house is much more of a job.


Back in August we decided to put our house on the market.  Hence the reason I have not been blogging as much.  We decided we would do a some stuff to get the house ready which included:


Everything that we did not need on a regular basis we boxed up and stored.  Boy was I wrong about some of that stuff.  I so need my sewing machines and a long list of other stuff.

The children went through their rooms and we took a few loads of stuff to the good will, we packed up most of the decorations in their rooms, packed up most of the toys and any furniture that they could do without for a few months.

We also decided to take all of our storage boxes to storage.  These boxes include all of my seasonal decorations.  That is why you don’t see any post about my fall and Halloween decorations.

Basically we took the personal touches out of our home to help other people be able to envision their stuff in our house when they look at it.

Deep Cleaning

That was rather one of the easier task.  My grandmother is the best lady in the world when I told her what we were doing.  She planned a couple of days and came over and helped me out.  We cleaned EVERYTHING from the ceiling to the floor.

Now maintaining that has been a task for me with everything that has been going on, but my sweet grandmother has actually been over since then and cleaned my house again.  That lady is wonderful!!


We decided to paint all the interior so that everything was fresh, neutral and move in ready for the family who purchases our house.  That was one of the hardest, if not, the hardest task.  My husband worked on painting for weeks.  I was pretty big about I wanted a few nail holes in the walls as possible so when someone else moves in the holes are pretty much only the ones they put in the walls.  We actually still have some touch up painting to finish up in our sunroom, but our plan is to finish that up this weekend.

We also make a few other small repairs around the house as well.  Such as replace some door knobs that were messed up, changing out some air vents that didn’t match the rest of the house and just weren’t pretty.  The blinds in the boys’ room was broken so we replaced them as well.

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Meet Nugget and Anderson Puppy Palace

Anderson Puppy Palace

To some this may sound like the craziest thing in the world, but for me it just seemed right. If you haven’t seen already I have created a second blog called Anderson Puppy Palace.  Yes it is a lot of work to maintain two blogs, but when I did it I was not sure if Sheena Lynn Anderson was something I was going to continue to maintain or not.  But I am slowly figuring out how everything works together in my life and Sheena Lynn Anderson is getting back to the roots of my blogging.  =)  So if you haven’t already seen my new blog Anderson Puppy Palace, make sure to check  it out and follow me over there too.

Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Anderson Puppy Palace

If you do follow me on any of those accounts you may have seen, yep, we got a new puppy!! See I told you Anderson Puppy Palace just kind of made sense to my life.  I have introduced Nugget over at Anderson Puppy Palace so make sure you head on over there today and Meet Nugget.

Meet Nugget

I hope you will follow me over at Anderson Puppy Palace and keep up with all our puppy adventures and talk.  Once we move we are hoping to expand it even more with great things to come that you don’t want to miss out on!!

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We Are Moving


OMG, I am so excited!!  We have been talking about moving for years, but it is finally happening.  Well as soon as we sell our house!!  But WE ARE MOVING!!


Lately things have been rather quiet here.  I have kinda been at lost about where I want to take my blog and what I want to do with it now.  I just felt lost with it.  But now I know.  Its time to get back to what I enjoy blogging about:  my family, my crafts and my life!!  So be on the look out for a face lift around here as I am going to change up some stuff.

So back to the story about us moving.  For several years now we have gone back and forth about moving.  We would want to move, but we would look and never find a house that fit what we wanted, where we wanted it and in our budget.  A few months ago we started talking about moving.  I mean lets be honest here for a minute, these shared bedrooms are not working.  With us homeschooling each of my children need their own space to be away from their siblings.  So we decided it was time to look for a bigger house.  We started looking and we found A LOT that we like!!

Staying in the little town we currently live in use to be important to us, but with us homeschooling that is not as big of a deal anymore.  Actually with my husband moving out farther has always been ideal to him, but I wasn’t quiet ready to move farther out yet.  But this year has been rough for my parents.  My Mom broke her leg, required surgery and was down for months.  My Dad got sick, spent two weeks in ICU and continues to have some health issues.  So being closer to them because a big deal for me.  Actually the ideal house to my husband and I both is the house in front of their house.  But its not for sale and well, its also out of our budget.  Although it is the prefect location.  Needless to say, I am ready to move farther out.

More room is a big deal to us, like we need 3,000 square feet or close to it plus storage.  I want each of the children to have their own bedroom.  I would love three bathrooms, but I can live with two.  I need room for my office since I work from home.  Also I need an area for our school board and posters.  An actual school room isn’t that big of a deal because the children will each have a desk in their new rooms to complete their school work after I have taught them.  But I do want an area that I can have a smaller table with chairs for the children.  Acreage is kind of important to us.  The children would like to have chickens, rabbits, a horse and maybe a pig.  We need a fence for our dogs to go outside and be safe in.    I am not asking for too much am I??  Oh yeah, and I want to stay under $200,00 and if there is lots of work we would need to do to make the house how we want it then I would like to stay under $150,000.  Again, not too much to ask, right?!?!?

After looking around and finding several that we like, we decided it was time to get our house ready to get on the market.  We have decluttered, painted, deep spring cleaned, made small repairs and finally got it on the market!!  We actually decided to list our house FSBO. We live in a really nice neighborhood that so many people in our area want to live in.  Also with social media these days its so easy to get your house out there and get it seen.  Now just hoping someone decides its the house for them.

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Chest of Drawers Remodel

Chest of Drawers Remodel

Chest of Drawers Remodel

This chest of drawers has been there several generations of use.  When I was a little girl it was in my room and then later on it was used for my sister.  Once her and I both out grew it my grandmother stored it till I came up one day needing a small chest of drawers for my youngest daughter’s closet.  It was used in her closet for several years and then I used it to store some stuff for my niece in when she use to stay with us often.  You may have seen it in the girls’ room tour.

I always wanted to refinish this chest of drawers, but I never really got the chance to.  Part of that was because I was scared of stripping all the layers of paint off of it.  When I was about 18 I had a bad experience with paint stripper so I wasn’t not really to try it again until recently.

We picked up some of this Goof Off Sprayable Stripper from Lowe’s.  I ended up using the whole bottle on this chest of drawers.  Now it also had about 10 layers of paint on it.  But the Goof Off got it almost completely off.

Stripping Furniture-3

Make sure to use Goof Off outside and I would highly recommend putting some cardboard down on the ground.  It makes clean up so much easier.  I sprayed the Goof Off all over the pieces of the chest of drawers and it immediately started bubbling up and I knew it was working.  Let it set on the furniture for the time recommended on the bottle and then scrap it all off with a paint scrapper.

Stripping Furniture-2 Stripping Furniture-1

If you by any chance get any of the Goof Off on your skin wash it off immediately as it will burn your skin.  The bottle recommends using gloves however, I did not and I just made sure I washed my hands each time I handled the sprayer.

Once I was done scrapping all the paint off, I used my sander and smoothed out all the wood and helped to remove some more paint that did not come off with the Goof Off.  As you can see it almost got all the paint off of the chest of drawers.  It was enough that I was happy with it.

Stripping Furniture-4

I repainted the chest of drawers white, replaced the knobs and now its set up in my office.

Before and After

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Back to School Giveaway

Back toSchoolGiveaway

Everyone is rushing around and getting ready for back to school!!  Shopping for school supplies, shopping for clothes, making sure they have all the lunches and snacks ready!!  Today at Sheena Lynn Anderson and Sheena Creates, we want to help make getting ready for back to school just a little bit easier for one of my fabulous followers.  We are giving away one of our back to school shirts from Sheena Creates!!!

Back toSchoolGiveaway

At Sheena Creates there are six shirts in our Back to School section.  Our lucky winner will get to select which one of the six Back to School shirts he/she wants!!

We have shirts for elementary aged children.  These include our Kindergarten Rocks shirt, our Watch out Preschool and our Most Likely to Rule the School shirts.  These shirts are available in a variety of options.

We also have shirts for middle school and high aged children.  These include our Sorry I’m Late and our Teen Life shirt.  These shirts are available in other colors as well.

Last but definitely not least, we have a shirt available for our teachers.  This shirt can be changed to say whatever grade level or subject you wish and we can change the colors to reflect your school’s colors.

Make sure to check out all of our shirts and enter our giveaway on the rafflecopter below.  Also while our giveaway is going on, we are also offering discount to all our followers.  So you can also save 10% off with coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL.  This coupon code is only good till August 1st so make sure to get your orders in ASAP.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Our Homeschool Bullet Journal


Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE journals and planners!!  If you remember I even designed my prefect planner a few years back and I made my own homeschool planner last year.  While I love planners made up of all the prefect printables, I also love the hardback planners.

Earlier this year one of my friend introduced me to bullet journaling and I LOVE it!!  I have been through a few of them since I started and I will say by far my favorite one is the Leuchtturm1917 dotted.  I accidentally ordered the lined one for my current one and I love that its pink, but next time I will pay more attention and make sure I get a dotted one.


Anyway, with my love for my bullet journal I decided this years homeschool planner would be a bullet journal!!  When I ordered my Leuchtturm1917 for my homeschool planner I did make sure and get the dotted one.  I ordered it in black since its for school instead of me personally.  Today I am going to walk you through my homeschool bullet journal!!

Homeschool Bullet Journal-1

The first page in my homeschool bullet journal is my year at a glance calendar.  I had really mixed emotions on if I wanted a year at a glance calendar or not, but I ended up deciding it would be the best way to start my homeschool bullet journal.  I did use Kara’s same layout for my year at a glance calendar as she did in her New Year = New Bullet Journal post.  I did make mine run from August until July since its for school and I used a different color for the heading of each month.  You will see through out my homeschool bullet journal I have used these same colors for the months.

Homeschool Bullet Journal-2

Next I have a page for each child for their curriculum.  A lot of our curriculum we share so I only have to purchase extra workbooks, test books, etc for the other two but because of this I like to have a separate page for each child and they do have separate in some subjects.  This layout was one I designed myself just to fit the need I had.  I knew I wanted to include the subject, curriculum (which will include any info such as versions), cost, received and plan.  Since Alyssa is the oldest when I am calculated cost of new curriculum I put the highest price on her page then when I calculate for Noah and Taylor I just put the cost of the extra I need.  Such as Language Arts, I have the student book and teacher book from last year for the levels Noah and Taylor will use this year.  But I need a new workbook and test book for each of them, therefore, the cost is just for those two books.

Homeschool Bullet Journal-3 Homeschool Bullet Journal-4

Next I have a two page spread for curriculum shopping.  This is a list of what I need for each subject.  Sometimes I will need stuff other than just the books so I included those items on this list along with the cost of each item.

Next I have a four page spread for future planning.  This is my calendar that has holidays and birthdays listed on it.  I will also add in other events that I want to incorporate into our homeschool year on this calendar.  As you can see I continued with the color coding in this calendar.

Homeschool Bullet Journal-5 Homeschool Bullet Journal-6

Next I have a two page spread for my goals for the year.  I have a section for each child to include what goals I want to work on with each child for the year.  I tried to pick something for each subject that they struggle with that I want them to master or greatly improve this next year.

Homeschool Bullet Journal-7

Next I have my attendance calendar for the year.  I used Kim’s layout from her Blog and Business Bullet Journal for this calendar.  I really like how all ten months fit so well on the one page (I left of June and July since we don’t have school in those months).  I am going to shade in the square as we complete school each day and at the end of the month I am going to write the total number of days for that month either beside the month or I am going to make a chart at the bottom of the page for that.

Homeschool Bullet Journal-8

Then I get into the fun part!!  My lesson planning!!  I like to go through and plan each subject before school starts.  Some subjects take a lot more planning on my part than other subjects.  I’ll talk more about all of this when I share with you what curriculum we are using for this year.

That is my homeschool bullet journal so far!!  Once I am done with all of my lesson planning I will add a page I forget to add before I started my lesson planning (my field trip page) and then I will put together my monthly pages before starting dailies which will include what we do each day as we complete school.  I share an update later on to include those pages!!  I hope you enjoyed seeing inside of my homeschool bullet journal.  If you use a bullet journal for your homeschool I would love to see it!!

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My Office Room Tour

Office Room Tour

Office Room Tour

We did away with our school room.  It was a very hard decision.  I really didn’t want to do away with it, but they truth was we really didn’t use it the way I had hoped and I really needed an office and this room was the only option for my office.  So today I am sharing with you my office room tour!!  This room is totally me with all the pink and black and I absolutely love it!!  I still have some more things to finish before it is exactly how I want it, but honestly I am not sure if any room will ever be EXACTLY how I want it because when it is, I want something slightly different or I want to add something or take something out.

On one wall in my office is my desk Adam made me several years ago with the three sections.  Both of them wouldn’t fit in this room so I had him move my favorite one into my new office and the other one is still in the sunroom.  I am not sure this desk will ever been moved out of this room.  It was quiet a task to get it in there.

Office Room Tour

It is organized with my sewing machines in two sections and my silhouette and cricut in one section.  On the top shelf are my big buckets I got from Hobby Lobby and everything is nicely labeled.  In the  sections with my sewing machines is my pegboard with all of my thread.  I also have my storage container for all my cricut cartridges on top of the shelf.

Office Room Tour Office Room Tour Office Room Tour

At the end of my desk is a table that was my great grandmother’s, it has been used for about everything in my life.  I am planning on repainting it, but have you been outside in this Alabama heat??  It will have to wait till fall!!  I have my heat press sitting on top of it.  Then on the shelves I have my label maker and my netbook.  Hidden under it is Alyssa’s sewing machine.  I just didn’t have enough room on my desk for it to sit all the time.

Office Room Tour

You can see on the wall beside my heat press is the pink frame you may have seen on Instagram.  It is oh so cute, but really not in the best place so I have decided not to use it after all.

Office Room Tour

I did decide this time I wanted a longer curtain so I whipped up this curtain one afternoon!!  I am actually pretty happy with it.  I end up leaving it open most days.

Office Room Tour

Next I have my cube shelving from Target.  If you come to my house you will learn I LOVE these things!!  I have them in my office, the girls’ room and my school area.  They are filled with all my craft supplies.  Down the center I have the cute pink and black storage cubes to keep stuff hidden and then on the ends I have stuff nice and neatly organized.

Office Room Tour

On top of my cube shelving I have a few items that I have been waiting for the longest to display in my office!!  I have an antique sewing machine my aunt gave me.  Its actually a ruffler machine!!  So cool!!  Also I have an iron that was Adam’s Grandmother’s.  We found it after his Grandfather passed away and we were cleaning out his shed.  I knew immediately it would look awesome in my office.

Office Room Tour

I still have my filing cabinets with all my fabric nice and neatly organized inside of them.  Maybe one day soon I’ll show you how I did that.  On top of my filing cabinets I have my heat transfer vinyl, my cutting mats and some plastic drawers that holds some other goodies.  Hanging above the filing cabinets is the TV that I never turn on.  Oops!!!  If you look really close you can see one of my babies in the chair next to the filing cabinets.  They all want to lay in that chair all the time.  I did get some good pictures of him when I was taking these pictures though which is rare!!

Office Room Tour

Finally finishing up the room is my other photo area I arranged.  It included the chalkboard frame, my mannequin and a chest of drawers that was my grandmother’s.  You may have seen some pictures on Instagram a while back from when I was refinishing it.  Every now and then I will snap a few pictures a this set up, but not often.  My chest of drawers holds some shirts I have made and some shipping supplies.  I will show you more about the refinish later on.

Office Room Tour

That’s it for my office tour!!  I have a few things I still want to do in this room.  But I absolutely love it so far.  Hope you enjoying visiting it with me!!  See something you want to know more about??  Feel free to ask and I will be glad to share more about it!!

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Back to School Printables

Back to School

Back to School

We are all getting ready for back to school and what better way to do it then when some cute free back to school printables for our classrooms.  Even though  we did away with our school room, I still have my cute posters hanging up just in a different room that I have not shared yet!!

School Room Tour

But today I am going to share with you some printables that you can see displayed in our school room from last year.  I made these for our classroom when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  Having boys and girls I like posters that are gender neutral in color.  My poor boys are already surrounded with enough pink as it is.

All of these printables that I am sharing are available for download in our member only area.  If you haven’t already joined our site so you can stay connected with us and get all our free downloads then make sure you go ahead and do that now by signing up on the side bar. Make sure to check your email for the confirmation and password.

The first printable I am sharing with you today is my Golden Rule poster.  “Treat Others the way you want to be Treated!”  It is a fun and colorful poster with a very important phrase that we all need to remember in our homeschool classrooms and daily life.

Back to School Printables with Watermark

The next printable I am sharing with you today is my House Rules printable.  While we are homeschooling, it is more of a lifestyle than a small timeframe of your day.  So we want the children to remember the house rules not only when we are not having formal “school work” but also while we are having formal “school work” because it is all going on in the house.

Make sure to head on over to our member’s only area, enter your password and download our free printables!!

I hope these two printables will help you with getting your school room or area ready for back to school.  If you use them I would love to see pictures!!  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and share your pictures with me.  Happy School Year!!

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Back to Blogging

back to blogging

back to blogging

Have you missed me lately??  I have been hanging out a lot over at Sheena Creates, but I realized I have really missed it over here so I am back to blogging.  In December I reopened my shop and boy have I learned A LOT!!  I have finally found my niche and while I love it, I will always make other stuff too.  So I am finally back to work on sharing some of the other stuff I have been creating.

If you haven’t joined our Member Only area, make sure you sign up and join our site so you don’t miss out on any of our new freebies that will be coming out.  Right now I have been making a lot of SVG files and the ones I am not going to use over at Sheena Creates I have decided I am going to share them with y’all!!

We are almost done with the school year!!  It has been a trying year.  We have debated on going back to public school next year.  But after lots of prayer we have decided we are not going back to public school.  So I am going to continue sharing some homeschool post.  Along with some freebies for our members of some goodies I have created through out the school year for our classroom.

With our homeschooling debate we ended up doing away with our school room.  Maybe you saw that on Instagram??  Well, that room has been completely remodeled, so I have new room tour to show along with several new projects that have been made for that room. some of you may have seen a sneak peek of that room on Instagram.

That is just a little bit of what we have to come!!  Make sure you follow us on all our social media pages so that you can keep up with our sneak peeks and don’t miss any of our new updates!!

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Snow Themed Sensory Bin

Snow Themed Sensory Bin | Sheena Lynn Anderson

Ever since Bradley graduated from EI and started doing tot school and now preschool at home we have loved sensory bins.  In January we had a snow themed preschool so we had a snow themed sensory bin.  If you missed my post about preschool last month make sure to check it out here.

Snow Themed Sensory Bin | Sheena Lynn Anderson

I totally goofed in planning for this post and forgot to take pictures of this sensory bin when I put it together.  I took pictures of it when I took it apart to prepare for February’s sensory bin, but its jus not the same.  Sorry, I promise I will do better with the next one.

For this sensory bin I decided to use cotton balls to resemble “snow”.  I was just over the mess the rice makes and the cotton balls were really a good change.  In the sensory bin, I included some marbles that are blue, some bells that are blue, some snowflake shaped beads and some snowflake shaped clipboard.  Basically I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up everything I could find that reminded me of snow and since I was doing this after Christmas, I didn’t have a ton of luck.  Reminder for next year, prepare for January before Christmas because afterwards everything becomes spring stuff.

Snow Themed Sensory Bin | Sheena Lynn Anderson

Then instead of using measuring cups and spoons for Bradley play in the sensory bin, I used these tools I got from Amazon a few months back.  When I got them I wasn’t completely sure what I would use them for, but I knew they would be prefect for fine motor skills and they ended up being prefect for this sensory bin as well.

Snow Themed Sensory Bin | Sheena Lynn Anderson

Does your toddler play with sensory bins??  I’d love to see some that you have put together.  Share your link below so I can check them out.

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