Superhero Birthday Party

When we decided to have Bradley a big birthday party this year the next question was…

What theme??

You see Bradley loves trains, Spiderman, TMNT and Hulk.  Adam and I talked about it and finally decided to have a Superhero themed party.  I did lots of Pinterest surfing and actually made a board of ideas just for his 3rd birthday party.  We are currently in the process of redecorating Bradley’s room (more on that later) and his room is being decorated with TMNT, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Batman and Thor.

Finding invitations that incorporated all of these characters was quiet interesting.  But you gotta love Etsy and all the wonderful artist on there.  I found these really cute invitations from SewKawaiiKids and asked her about making them with TMNT, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America and Batman.  SewKawaiiKids was wonderful to work with, her turn around time was really fast and everyone loved the invitations.  I actually had a few people call me just to tell me how cute the invitations were.

I also ordered her Superhero Party Pack and TMNT Party Pack to help me complete my decorating.

Superhero Party-5

Superhero Party-4

Superhero Party-18

We filled up balloons and put them in the kitchen above the table.

Superhero Party-9

We also used green balloons and attached these TMNT faces to them to decorate the gift table.

Superhero Party-16

Superhero Party-1

When we were in Party City Bradley saw this huge Spiderman balloon that he wanted.  When Adam went to get it we learned they also had TMNT so we got the TMNT to sit beside the gift table.

Superhero Party-2

I ordered these wonderful cookies from Grammie’s Cookies ‘N Goodies.  I would recommend her cookies to anyone.  She actually made the cookies for me from a picture of the invitations that I sent her.

Superhero Party-6

If you look on my Pinterest board you will see a good many different cakes I had pinned.  Choosing a cake was really hard for me.  In the end I took about five different pictures to Frostings Bakery and their wonderful cake artist made this beautiful cake for me.  Bradley absolutely loved his cake.  He asked to see it multiple times before the party.

Superhero Party-7

Superhero Party-8

I absolutely had to have city scene for the backdrop of the table.  I used this tutorial for making our backdrop.  Actually Adam made it, but I gathered everything and told him what I wanted.  As you can see we didn’t put any windows or anything on it. {picture above}

Since Bradley is only three and most kids his age can’t really hit a piñata I kept seeing all these punch games on Pinterest (I even pinned several of them).  So I decided to make one. I bought a tri-fold project board, tissue paper and plastic cups.  Adam cut out 24 holes in the project board that would hold the cups.  I used rubber bands to attach the tissue paper to the cups (I highly recommend only one layer of tissue paper).  I used some goody bag toys I got from Party City to fill up the cups and then I put the toys that wouldn’t fit in goody bags and gave the kids the goody bags to put their other goodies in when they played.

Superhero Party-14

Then we slide all the cups into the project board.  I used the sign from the Superhero Party Pack and these TMNT cupcake topper decorate my superhero punch.

Superhero Party-3

I also used the cupcake toppers for table scatters.

Superhero Party-10

We also played Hulk Smashing

Superhero Party-13

and Spiderman Webbing.

Superhero Party-15

I made pepperoni and cheese crescent rolls.  I made some with just cheese and some with pepperoni.  They were a huge hit.  My pin doesn’t actually go to the original post, so I just cut the cheese sticks (I bought my kids’ favorite ones) in half and put it and three pepperonis in the crescent roll and then rolled it up like normal and folded over the ends so the cheese would stay in the crescent roll when I cooked them.  I cooked them according to the directions on the crescent roll package. {I thought I got a picture of them but apparently that is the one thing I missed}

We made Captain America fruit that I found here.

Superhero Party-20

Superhero Party-19

And TMNT apples that I found here.  Although I did not cut my apples in half and I was having issues getting the eyes to stick so I used just a dot of icing to get them to stick.

Superhero Party-17

Finally I made “joker juice” with green apple koolaid.  I just found an image of a the Batman symbol, printed it out and used a chalk marker to write on it. {Oops I forgot to get a picture of it too.}

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10 thoughts on “Superhero Birthday Party

  1. Very cute! Everything looks great. I really like the cake and cookies. The games and food looked pretty fun as well. You did a great job at getting his 3rd birthday together.

  2. My middle son is very into superheros right now especially Captain America (he wants to wear his Halloween costume with the shield every day) and turtles. Love your party ideas. Pinning this for his next birthday. Have a good weekend!

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